Can you tell that anonymity is key in this game? Where there’s a blame there’s a…. well there is a registration to lose, so lets not go there.

I am a person. First and foremost, we are all people. People of this earth who are treated all equally (or as near as dammit as we can make it).

We are highly skilled, averagely-briefed, poorly funded and woefully supported Frontline Medical Registered Clinicians who get to see you naked when you fall, and watch you covered when you pass.

Doctors and Nurses don’t really understand us. We don’t really understand us. We just bimble along hoping that nobody notices we are winging it!

Seriously though. Education is key. Many of “us” are Degree-holders now. BSC’s in Paramedic Science (yes its actually a medical science now). So when we say, “I think” it normally means “I know”. When we say “you really should” it means, “you’d better”. If we use the “if you were my nan” you know you’ve really cocked up, so don’t argue with me.

Questions always welcome. Answers will be variable in helpfulness.

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