Ambulance Technicians- The not so “Cut-Price” Clinicians

Sadly, a rather ignorant selection of journalists from the Daily Fail have released a front-page article today suggesting that Ambulance Technicians within the NHS are "Cut-price"; implying they are sub-standard and not appropriate to perform within the NHS Pre-hospital Setting.   This article has rightfully so caused outrage around NHS, Private Ambulance and other medical … Continue reading Ambulance Technicians- The not so “Cut-Price” Clinicians

NHS vs Private Sector- My experience

This is a HUGE topic. I'm not going to write a thesis on it or answer millions of questions. However, what I can do is give you my experience of this.   Until the last month, I had NEVER worked as an employee of the NHS. Surprised? You're not the only one. Over the last … Continue reading NHS vs Private Sector- My experience

Knife Crime; the real damage

"I carry a knife for my own protection". The famous fool-hardy line that many young males (yes, I only highlighted one section of society) use to justify carrying a knife. It ties in with drugs, gangs, firearms and crime in general. It is illegal in the UK to carry a bladed weapon or any item … Continue reading Knife Crime; the real damage


Everyone judges everyone else. Its a natural thing we all do; subconsciously sometimes, but we all do it. We're all (to a certain extent) prejudice too. We all look at that house with no lights on, a front garden like step-toes back yard and broken cars piled on the drive and mutter the words "Oh … Continue reading Judgement….

Violence in the Ambulance Service

You occasionally see it on the news "Paramedic punched by patient". You probably say something like "oh what sort of person would do that?" and then move on/carry on with what you were doing. I've been assaulted. Several times. The list so far: 1. Pinned against the side of the Ambulance and Punched in the … Continue reading Violence in the Ambulance Service

Surgical Skills Day

**To set the ground rules- This blog will be fairly heavy on Anatomy and possibly a bit gruesome... so if you're squeamish, this isn't the blog for you**   I applied for the West Midlands Surgical Training Centres Surgical Skills Course after seeing it advertised on Twitter. "One place remaining" was all I read, and … Continue reading Surgical Skills Day

A devastating Intubation example….

I've just spoken to a colleague. A Paramedic of 15 plus years and genuinely all round fantastic clinician.  He was working on a Private 999 contract for an NHS trust recently that would not allow him to Intubate. He backed up an NHS Paramedic in a car who was not trained to Intubate.  Their patient … Continue reading A devastating Intubation example….