I work for a variety of NHS providers. This does not represent their views, and is not said in the name of any of them.


I’ve been attending 999 calls now for over 5 years. Never have I seen it this bad. People are waiting over 12 hours just for an ambulance to get to their house in some cases. 12 hours waiting to be seen in A+E, its the worst I have ever known it.


There are hospitals closing their doors, A+E Departments declaring Major Incidents due to unsafe patient numbers waiting in corridors.


All Health Care Professionals are working their backsides off. We can only get to you if we aren’t queuing in hospital queues. We are queuing in hospitals because too many people are there. People who don’t need to be in hospital are calling 999 and attending for minor illness that simply does not require hospital or ambulance attendance.


Please, use Pharmacies, use Urgent Care Centres, use the NHS Website for medical advice. Only call an Ambulance in an Absolute Emergency. If you need us, we will be there. Sadly, at present, we just cant guarantee it will be quick.

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