“I carry a knife for my own protection”. The famous fool-hardy line that many young males (yes, I only highlighted one section of society) use to justify carrying a knife. It ties in with drugs, gangs, firearms and crime in general. It is illegal in the UK to carry a bladed weapon or any item that has the intended use to cause harm to a person. So, if you keep a baseball bat behind your front door “in case someone breaks in to defend myself”, then you’re breaking the law if you use it- Sorry!


Knife crime is prevalent in all areas of the UK, but there are huge victim numbers in London. Only this weekend, a young  17 year old boy was stabbed to death in Croydon, South London. He could have been wrapped up in all sorts of trouble, but that doesn’t mean he should have lost his life because of it.


I’ve been to many stabbings over my 5/6 years in this line of work. All apart from 1 were young males. The other, a victim of domestic violence. We’ve saved all of them except 1- they were killed by a single knife wound to the chest. They were involved in drugs; so when people say “oh, well taking drugs is a victim-less crime”- I’ll allow you to explain that to their mother who has lost their child as a result of being involved in drugs.


Those most likely to be stabbed are those already carrying a knife. The irony!


People don’t understand the absolute carnage that comes from dealing with a stab/gunshot victim. You only have so much blood in your body. Once its gone- its gone. There are no spare bottles hanging in the Ambulance waiting for you. We try our best, battle desperately in many cases to keep you alive, keep you breathing and keep your heart beating, but sometimes we just cant. Its devastating watching a young person lose their life because of 1 idiotic, stupid, selfish act.


At the top of this page is a Photo I submitted with my Paramedic Portfolio from when I was a student a few years ago. It shows the devastation just inside the Ambulance. That’s not taking into account the scene where it actually happened, and the scene inside the A+E Department afterwards. It’s not added for “drama”, but to show people the pure devastation of what you could do should you stab someone.


Please, don’t carry  a knife. Don’t be that person to take away someones family member. We’re not magicians, we cant save everyone. Not only does it have an affect on the family, friends and relatives, but it also affects the crew who lose that patient having battled desperately to save them. Paramedics and Ambulance Practitioners along with Police Officers take their own life on a yearly basis because of seeing too many of these types of jobs and not being able or lucky enough to find a way to deal with it.


By not carrying a knife, you could not only save your life, but you could save mine!

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