Everyone judges everyone else. Its a natural thing we all do; subconsciously sometimes, but we all do it. We’re all (to a certain extent) prejudice too. We all look at that house with no lights on, a front garden like step-toes back yard and broken cars piled on the drive and mutter the words “Oh no, here we go”.


The Pre-Hospital world is full of Judgmental people. Everyone has an opinion of how something should be done, not done, why it should be done or not done, and what we should as professionals be doing day to day. There are people who I’ve worked with personally who have been those people, but mostly they are lovely people. We might disagree, but that’s okay! We can all have different opinions, but its should always be polite, and always be non-personal.


Up until recently, I’d never personally been “attacked” for sharing my views or opinions. I’d had some heated debates, but never been on the end of someone calling me stupid, or someone insinuating that I didn’t know what I was doing or talking about. The main culprits of this were clinicians who actually worked for the same firm that I did (I work for several firms so I’ll allow you the thrill of trying to work out which!). It was rather unpleasant, and yes I took it personally.


I messaged one of them to say that I didn’t think what they’d said had been fair or reasonable (the adult thing to do)- they didn’t even have the decency to respond. If I really wanted to, I could go all corporate and use HR policy to “deal” with those concerned, but thankfully, I’m not that much of a snowflake.


If you’re going to put your views onto the world wide web, you have to be open to criticism, which I am. You have to be able to “take it on the chin”, for which I also am. But what I wont tolerate is a personal attack or just plain rudeness. There is no need for it, and we are all “Professionals” and should be able to interact without any deformation of character.


I’ve got a new job. Been there for 4 weeks, 3 of which were in “Training School” doing all the corporate induction and training etc. I’ve now done 4 Clinical Shifts on the road. In 4 clinical shifts in my new job, I’ve worked with a variety of people, clinicians and patients. In those 4 days, I’ve been promised a thank you card for my work- 4 days. Allow me to say that again In just 4 days work, I’ve been promised a thank you card.


Now, I’m not naive in this industry. I’ve received plenty of offers of cards, gifts, messages etc. I’ve been gifted food, wine, even money! But if I was so bad at my job, so “stupid” and so reckless, I don’t think I’d have managed a promise like that in 4 days.


So, before you judge people, before you make assumptions about someones ability, someones practice and/or someones attitude, perhaps work with them, talk to them, actually watch what they do. Then, by all means make your decision.

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