You occasionally see it on the news “Paramedic punched by patient”.

You probably say something like “oh what sort of person would do that?” and then move on/carry on with what you were doing.

I’ve been assaulted. Several times. The list so far:

1. Pinned against the side of the Ambulance and Punched in the face

2. Patient tried to murder me by slashing my throat; he missed (I’m obviously still here)

3. Patient kicked me and hit me

4. Patient strangled me

Did you hear any of those in the news? No. Want to know why? Because sadly, it has become the “norm” . It has become normal for Ambulance Crews to be assaulted in the line of their work. Accepted that it’s “part of the job now”.

Medical professionals, Police Officers and Fire Fighters get assaulted every day at work. We’re not the only ones, and the list is by no means exhaustive, but we are the very frontline 999 Services. We do our jobs to save your life. We don’t want to fight. We don’t want to have to defend ourselves.

I’ve pinned people to the floor, I’ve run away when it’s got too much, I’ve even (accidentally) broken someones nose in self defence (the one who tried to kill me); I didn’t hit him, just swept his legs out from beneath him and he hit a paving slab face first. I even apologised afterwards.

I’m not proud of it, but I had no choice. He had been trying to stab 2 young girls before I intervened and got them away, bringing the attention onto me to save them. Should I have stayed back and called for help? Probably. Could I watch 2 children get stabbed? No. Not because I’m a gung-ho hero wannabe, but because I’m a human being. None of this hit the headlines- because it happens every day.

Your services are there to serve you. To be there when you most need help. If you attack us, then we can’t help anyone.

It cannot be accepted by the public, because without us, who do you have?

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