I’ve just spoken to a colleague.
A Paramedic of 15 plus years and genuinely all round fantastic clinician. 

He was working on a Private 999 contract for an NHS trust recently that would not allow him to Intubate. He backed up an NHS Paramedic in a car who was not trained to Intubate. 

Their patient needed Intubating due to neck trauma; resulting in a Traumatic Cardiac Arrest. 

After requesting to Senior Medical colleagues via radio and telephone to be permitted to Intubate, he was refused twice. 

The patient did not survive. He is adamant that if a tube had been available or permitted, they would have had a huge possibility of doing so. 

This Paramedic of huge clinical ability and practice had to write on his Patient Form- “I was trained to Intubate, sufficiently practiced and competent but was explicitly told I was not allowed to”. 

Devastating. Not only for the patient and family, but for the Clinician too. 

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