I’m not one for statements. I don’t think you can get a “feeling” about jobs or wake up in the morning and know its going to be a “Bad Day”.

However, I have just worked 4 shifts, 4×13 hour shifts, and not cannulated any of my patients. Not one. Nobody needed pain relief that couldn’t be bought from Tesco, nobody needed any advanced treatment, nobody was that “sick” that they actually really needed me to be here.

So, with this knowledge, is there any surprise that the Ambulance services* are falling down? If, in 4 shifts, I’m not actually needed to be paramedic, and could easily have been a first aider, what are the population of the UK phoning 999 for????

This ladies and gents, is why the services are failing. Staffing and vehicles aside, the system is breaking because it’s been abused. If I can work 52 hours, and not need to administer life-saving treatment, and advanced clinical treatment, anything that remotely justifies my Para-Medicine Degree, then are you surprised the system is failing?


Look in the mirror!!!!

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