So it begins.

A year in the Life of a Frontline Paramedic in the UK. What could possibly go wrong?

If I told you that in the last 4 days, I’ve dealt with 3 Strokes, 2 Heart Attacks, 1 Brain Haemorrhage, 2 Dead bodies, 1 Cardiac Arrest, one baby having an allergic reaction and several people who were just very very poorly, I think you can see that, contrary to popular belief, we don’t just “pick up grannies” or “put plasters on”.

The front-line EMS Services in the UK are tough, arduous places to work. Scheduled 12hour shifts turning into 14+ hour shifts most days, a thorough mixture of earlies, late and night shifts, poor vehicles and questionable clinical “guidelines”, its a bit of a pickle out there. However, together we shall go, permanently crossing our fingers and hoping the “worst” doesn’t happen. Hoping that bit of equipment we’re meant to have but haven’t done for 3 days isn’t needed today, hoping we get a break, hoping that NHS111 stops working, just for half an hour.

This blog has the intention of being factual, informative, and occasionally, just a little bit humerus (those in the know… you rolled your eyes didn’t you).

As you can easily imagine, this is my day off. You wont get daily updates, but when the time arises, you’ll know.

Stay safe out there!

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