A- Yes



Pads on?- Yep

Rhythm- VF

Shocking?- NO!

You sure? Why not?

Chest hair. Ladies and gents, chest hair is not our friend. There is a reason why we shave it off to do an ECG. Its because it interferes with the electrical reading that’s taken by the machine.

Research says that by not shaving chest hair off a patient before applying “Pads”, the amount of current lost can be up to 35% (Bissing 2000). Don’t believe me? Have a read for yourself. But, when your ECA or ECSW or EMT or whatever/whoever you’re working with picks up the razor in an arrest and you scowl at them for trying to do “un-important things”- just remember, if they don’t, your 360J is possibly turned into 234J. Does 234J appear in any ALS rules? does it?

I think I’ve made my point.

Hollywood is best people! 😉

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